Best Hot Curling Iron Brush in 2022 – Top 5


With so many types of curling tools on the market, it’s no wonder people need some help figuring out what ones to use! Curling irons that double as brushes offer a unique way to give a finished look to your hair while introducing some flowing curls and waves, or even straightening naturally curly or wavy hair.

This guide will point you in the right direction toward finding the best hot curling iron brush for your hair. A curling iron brush is especially helpful for styling short hairstyles, but women with long hair can also benefit from one.

List of Best Hot Curling Iron Brushes

Product Summary for Best Hot Curling Iron Brush

SwanMyst 1 Inch Ceramic Ionic Anti-Scald Hot Curler Brush has a large cool tip to avoid finger burns and a bright LED display to give you simple control over the temperature setting.

PHOEBE Curling Iron Brush has a ceramic tourmaline barrel to keep hair shiny and smooth throughout and after the styling process.

Conair Instant Heat Hot Curl Brush is a budget-friendly tool that heats up in about 60-seconds and has 25 heat settings to match your hair’s needs.

Berta Professional Hair Curling Iron Brush is a curling iron with brush that works well for curling hair with its tangle-free bristles.

The Huachi Hair Straightener 3 in 1 Ceramic Curling Iron Brush has a unique design that allows it to open like a flat iron to straighten hair with its inner plates. Or, keep it closed to put the curling brush to work for creating curls and waves.

Reviews of the Best Hot Curling Iron Brush

We’ve sifted through several hot curling irons with brushes to bring you our top five picks based on performance and customer reviews.

SwanMyst 1 Inch Ceramic Ionic Anti-Scald Hot Curler Brush

SwanMyst-1-Inch-Ceramic-Ionic-Anti-Scald-Hot-Curler-Brush best-hot-curling-iron-brush

This curling iron with brush by SwanMyst has a one-inch barrel with bristles that provide just enough length to gently hold hair in place while you curl, straighten, and style. With a quick, 30-second heat up, you can start styling quickly on busy mornings.

The barrel is coated in ceramic tourmaline to reduce static, lock in moisture, and let your hair glide effortlessly off to prevent breaking and snagging. Since it’s combined with flexing silicone bristles, this tool can separate and smooth hair for a polished look.

You’ll have several heat settings to help you meet the needs of your hair with temperatures ranging from 265-degrees to 430-degrees.

One complaint some customers have about this curling iron is its confusing temperature setting process. The iron comes with a quick-lock feature to hold your temperature in place, but it can be difficult to unlock the control to reset the temperature dial.

Things We Liked

  • Ceramic tourmaline barrel
  • Super-fast 30-second heating
  • Easy-to-read display for temperature
  • Bristles stay cooler than barrel to protect fingers and scalp while styling

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Temperature lock can be confusing to navigate
  • Bristles are somewhat hard

PHOEBE Curling Iron Brush

PHOEBE Curling Iron Brush best-hot-curling-iron-brush-Review

The PHOEBE Curling Iron Brush is one that could work well for people with medium to long hair. The 1-inch barrel is small enough to create wavy curls but may be too large for people with short bobs to get the look they want.

You can set temperatures between 265 and 430-degrees using the dial on the side of the tool. The temperature you pick will show on the bright screen and the tool conveniently locks it in place, so you don’t accidentally bump it while you style.

The smooth, separated bristles work well together with the ceramic barrel to give you a sleek, shiny style, whether you straighten or curl using the curling iron.

Although some customers agree that the instructions were not in-depth enough to fully understand how to use this curling iron, several loved their finished, anti-frizz and anti-static looks once they could figure out its operation.

Things We Liked

  • Long cool tip to keep fingers safe
  • Includes European plug adaptor
  • Barrel and bristles help to reduce frizz
  • Anti-scald bristles

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May be a bit too bulky for short hairstyles
  • Instructions are confusing for some

Conair Instant Heat Hot Curl Brush – Best Overall Hot Curling Iron Brush


The Conair Instant Heat Hot Curl Brush is one of the most affordable on our list and also one of the easiest to learn how to use. This tool comes in ¾-inch and 1 ¼-inch barrel sizes, so you can pick what one will work better for your hair length.

We love that this tool, even at its low price point, offers a full range of 25 heat settings to give you ultimate control over your look. The tool heats up quickly on even the highest heat setting.

One notable feature of this curling iron is its turbo heat setting, which gives you a quick burst of heat to help style your hair without keeping it on high heat consistently.

Women who have purchased the Conair Instant Heat Hot Curl Brush appreciate that it’s simple to figure out how to use and can create various looks while bringing volume to limp, fine hair.

Things We Liked

  • Turbo heat setting for a quick heat boost to set your style
  • 25 heat settings
  • Ball-tipped bristles help lift hair to prevent tangles
  • Lots of space between bristles to avoid snagging thick hair
  • Comfortable grip handle

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Metal barrel with no ionic technology
  • Plastic bristles

BERTA Professional Hair Curling Iron Brush Review

BERTA-Professional-Hair-Curling-Iron-Brush Review---Best-hot-curling-iron-brush-reviews

In this brief review, the BERTA is a professional hot hair brush and curling iron, but it’s different than similar tools on the market.

With the high and low and off temperature settings, you can control the heating, which is nice. This allows you to handle different types of hair.  You will also be able to reduce hair breakage and damage.

It has a dual ionic ceramic technology and a non-slip soft touch rubber grip. It makes it possible just to brush the entire hairstyle underneath and on top to achieve smoother, shinier and softer styles. It has a one-year replacement and a two-year warranty.

Things We Liked

  • Gripping handle and cool tip
  • High-Low-Off temperature setting, 200 – 410℉.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May take a while to heat up to the desired temperature

Huachi Hair Straightener 3 in 1 Ceramic Curling Iron Brush

Huachi-Hair-Straightener-3-in-1-Ceramic-Curling-Iron-Brush best-hot

Similar to the OLAXER, the Huachi curling iron brush opens to reveal its flat iron plates so that you can straighten your hair conveniently with the same tool you use to curl and brush it. The tourmaline ceramic ionic technology in both the plates and barrel keep hair looking and feeling healthy.

You can switch from flat ironing to curling with the flip of a switch.

Where this tool stands out is with its digital display that lets you see the temperature you’re using. The tool has three pre-programmed heat settings that can meet the needs of most hair types, and you can switch between them with buttons.

To further control the temperature, just click the +/- buttons.

The 1 ½-inch barrel is a good size for medium to long hair lengths, but even women with short styles may benefit from this tool, which has relatively short bristles and a slim design that can cater to short hair.

Several people who have bought and used the Huachi curling iron brush like that it’s quick to heat up and that it’s able to give their locks flowy waves. However, some customers are disappointed that it doesn’t curl as much as they expected.

Things We Liked

  • Slim design
  • Flat iron plates for the straightest styles
  • Simple temperature control
  • Anti-scald bristles

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Only shows temperature in Celsius
  • Temperature control buttons are easy to press accidentally during operation

What to Look for in a Curling Iron Brush

If you’re new to this type of curling iron, trying to figure out what to look for in one can be confusing. There’s no one-size-fits-all tool that will do the trick for everyone, but here are a few notable features that can help most women create the styles they want with this tool:

Barrel Size Differences

First, you’ll need to consider your hair length and the type of style you want. Like traditional curling irons, those with brushes come in various barrel styles that create very different finished looks.

A smaller barrel of one-inch or smaller can be great for short hair and for giving you tighter curls. A large barrel of 1 ¼-inch or larger is helpful for long hairstyles and for creating flowy waves rather than curls.

These tools can be very versatile for giving you different looks and the barrel size is the most important thing to consider to achieve your desired results.

Ionic Technology

Most modern styling tool manufacturers know how important it is to protect hair from heat damage as much as possible. Using heat styling tools regularly can cause frizz, flyaways, and broken strands on even the toughest hair.

You’ll want to find a curling iron brush that will do its best to protect your hair from damage. One important feature to look for is ionic technology.

Usually, you’ll see this technology in the curling iron’s barrel, which will typically be made of ceramic, tourmaline, or a blend of both. These materials are soothing to hair by releasing negative ions that keep hair smooth and sleek when confronted with heat.

Type of Bristles

Curling irons with brushes have come a long way since they first became popular. Vintage models typically used the same kind of bristles old hairbrushes used to use that would get tangled in hair or make it full of static.

Some of these curling iron brushes are still on the market today and you’ll want to avoid those. Instead, look for bristles specially made to detangle your hair as they work through it.

The bristles should be flexible to move with your hair, offer enough space between them for hair to move through without tangling or catching, and made from a silky material, like silicone, that helps hair glide over them.

Variable Temperatures

Adjustable temperatures are crucial for any heat styling tool to have. When you can set temperatures to different degrees, you can better control not only your finished style, but also to how much heat you expose your hair.

The more temperature settings a curling iron offers, the easier it will be for you to find a setting that styles your hair without providing more heat than necessary.

Conclusion: Best Hot Curling Iron Brush

It’s not often that we’d recommend a heat-styling tool that doesn’t offer ionic technology for ultimate heat protection, but we do think that the Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush is one of the best. Even with its lack of a ceramic or tourmaline barrel, the metals used in the barrel heat up fast, provide even heat distribution, and don’t leave hair looking frizzy or dull.

This tool also has multiple heat settings, so you can choose the lowest temperature to meet your needs. With the inclusion of a turbo heat setting, you can give your hair a quick burst of heat without overdoing the temperature and frying your hair.

This guide offers our top five picks for the best hot curling iron brush on the market based on their price points, features, performance, and customer reviews. We hope our information helped to inform your decision, so you can get the gorgeous style you’re after from the comfort of your home.