How Do You Curl Hair With a Curling Iron? Use these 3 Simple Steps

The Basics of Curling Hair

The hair is known as the “crowning glory” of an individual and it is also one of the most identifiable features of a person. It can be styled according to the wishes of the person, whether he or she wants it colored, straightened, or curled.

How do you curl hair, though?

Curling hair might take a bit of effort on your part, but armed with the right styling products, you can breeze through this procedure smoothly. This article will discuss tips on how to do this styling procedure.

Back then, curls were done by fastening wooden or plastic hair curlers on sections of hair. However due to technology, we now have curling irons and wands. With the help of a curling iron, you can easily set your own hair and eventually get those bouncy, soft curls you are after.

Here are some steps on how to achieve curly hair:

  1. Untangle hair by means of a wide-toothed comb. Put heat protectant on your hair to safeguard it from the damage. Section the hair into two layers; top and bottom. The top layer must be clipped and the bottom sprayed with a bit more heat protectant. Comb through once more, and then set the curling iron, allowing it to heat to the appropriate temperature required.
  2. Get an inch of hair and put the barrel on the hair near the roots. Wrap the remaining section of hair all over the barrel, allowing it to spiral upwards to the direction of the tip. Position in place for 6 to 10 seconds then slip the barrel out. In case you have the spring iron model, you must clip the ends or the hair section and let the iron roll upwards. Hold it near the scalp for a few seconds then let go of the new curl.
  3. Carry on sectioning the hair and curling it until you are finished with the entire layer. After this, unclip the top section and continue curling until you are finished with the entire head. If you want to achieve a more natural, curly look, make use of different size irons or you can also curl sections of hair into different thicknesses. As soon as you are done with styling, spritz your hair with a hairspray to lock the style in place.

Using a clipless curling iron

How do you curl hair using a clipless curling iron? In case are using this, it is beneficial since you do not have to restrict yourself to standard curls. As long as you are provided with the proper knowledge on how to achieve a variety of styles, styling your hair will be pretty straightforward.

Wavy or Spiral Curls

For wavy curls, you must make use of broad sections of hair and as you hold its root, drape that section of hair all over the barrel. Hold it in place for a few seconds then slip the barrel out. While the curl is still hot, pull the hair end gently to loosen and lengthen the curl.

Produce spiral curls by means of an iron with a smaller barrel and by utilizing smaller hair sections. Drape it all over the barrel and leave it on for a bit longer to guarantee that the curls will hold their shape as you slip it off the barrel. Scrunch the curls right after so it will not dip down.

Short Hair

How do you curl short hair? Short hair can still be curled, though it requires a bit more work since the hair requires to be wrapped all over the iron at least 2 times. It is important to remember that the shorter your hair length, the smaller the barrel must be used.

More Curling Tips

When curling, you have to begin on the front of the head then section hair strands. The ideal hair section should not go over an inch wide, although this will depend on the hair length. To curl short hair effectively, you have to take sections that are not more than a half inch wide. Make sure to maintain sections smaller than the curling iron’s barrel.

Take a section of hair and curl it all over the iron. For wider curls, get wider sections and for smaller ones, make use of smaller hair sections as well. Work your way bit by bit all over the head, beginning from the front then all the way to the back until you reach the top.

As soon as you are finished with the procedure, make use of the fingers to loosen the curls up. This will split the curls and give them more room and bounce. Make use of a soft brush and gently brush out the curls. Following this, you can make use of a hair spray or gloss on your hair to finish the look.

That Wraps it Up

Hopefully your question, “How do you curl hair” has been summed up simply by these 3 simple steps. There are lots more hair curling tips out there as well, so good luck!