The Advantages of Using Ceramic Curling Irons

The Advantages of Using Ceramic Curling Irons

The curling iron is the tool you need when you want sexy, soft and bouncy curls. This unit is a versatile hairstyling item you need and their practicality even spreads beyond common curling techniques.

It can even straighten hair so it makes the ceramic curling irons a versatile product. Are ceramic curling irons better than standard ones? This article will discuss what’s up with this wonderful hairstyling tool.

There are some valid reasons why adding a curling iron with ceramic materials will do plenty of good. Curling irons that are made of metal material can impart damage even if you have been styling your hair for a long time.

These tools can lead to burning and singeing your hair, however, with ceramic ones, the damage is lessened and ultimately prevented if used properly. The ceramic plates help safeguard moisture by closing hair cuticles and this leads to styled hair that is softer, shinier and healthier. It also helps even out cuticles to allow a glossier, sleeker head of hair.

Ceramic curling irons heat in a faster manner and it provides even heat distribution. They are capable of containing heat longer, so this means you will spend a minimal amount of time styling your hair. Due to this function, the ceramic kind is easier to use for both beginners and professionals. It comes in a nice selection of barrel sizes which allow users to produce a good range of styles.

Small-barrel models, like those under an inch, are ideal for producing tight curls and ringlets. For loose, natural-looking waves and everyday styles, you can opt for medium barrel models which are an inch and a half in size. The bigger ones are recommended for longer hair and sleek styles.

Are ceramic curling irons better than regular ones? If used correctly, a ceramic iron should have excellent durability and should last longer than ones made with metal.

However, before a purchase, you have to guarantee that you are buying a model with a ceramic barrel rather than a model that has a metal barrel with layers of ceramic on it. Ceramic curling irons are often expensive compared to standard ones, though they are a great investment.

Ceramic Curling Iron Components

These are some of the major parts of the ceramic curler. You should have an idea how each part works before buying one.

  • On button

This component is used to switch the device on so you can make use of it.

  • Temperature gauge

This part sets the iron’s temperature and a great model features automatic shut-off especially when the curling gets overly hot.

  • Clamp

The clamp provides users tension so they can grip on the hair as they style it.

  • Barrel

This part is the heated component of the device and this is the spot where users have to wrap sections of hair to get the curls they are after.

  • Cord

Provides the power as soon as users plug the unit into an electrical outlet.

Safety Tips

We have provided you with the essentials you need for ceramic curling irons. Now we can discuss all the safety precautions you have to practice while using the device. Ceramic curling irons are easy and safe to use if you know the correct manner of using them.

Keep in mind that using the device on wet hair or inside the shower is not allowed. You have to make sure that your hands are completely dry prior to plugging the cord into the outlet. Doing so will help you avoid getting electrocuted.

While you are fixing your hair in between styling it, having a curler holder near you has its advantages. This will keep the device from burning or damaging you or other objects around it.

Do not set heated ceramic curling irons on fabrics, wooden materials, or wet surfaces since these spots can often lead to fires, burning or getting shocked. It is also suggested that you should avoid curling your hair in bed since beds can catch fire easily.

If you can, allow somebody to just style your hair. This will not only prevent burns from a heated curling iron, but it will also allow you to have curls on spots that are harder to reach if you are doing the styling all by yourself. So, are ceramic curling irons better? They are if you use them properly and follow all of the safety suggestions described in this article.