Learn All About the Different Kinds / Types of Curling Irons

Learn All About the Kinds of Curling Iron

The curling iron is a straightforward hairstyling tool that is used to produce curls. There are different types of curling irons available, however, the most popular would have to be the clipless and the spring kinds.

The spring type is simple to use and paves the way for a fast styling process while the clipless kind allows users to apply a good variety of curls. Here is more information about curling iron types.

  • Curling iron with clip

This type is favored by a lot of individuals because of its ability to produce stronger curls on the hair ends. It can also be used to straighten hair—just pass the whole length through the clip and the barrel, then supplement progress at the ends of the hair.

  • Clipless

The clipless kind does not feature a clamp, unlike the standard curling iron with a clip. It is also considered the most versatile among the different kinds of curling iron. Based on the size of the rod, users can produce beach waves or soft, bouncy ones.

Curls that are produced with a clipless curling iron have the most natural or organic feel to it  since users can pass on understated changes based on the manner they wrap the layers of hair or the way they angle the rod. For the perfect beach waves, you must point its tip down and interchange every curl’s direction.

  • Marcel

The Marcel is readily available for use, however, this is the kind of curling iron that is best used by professionals. If you notice, stylists can easily pull off using a Marcel curling iron, though mastering how to use it at home can be a huge challenge.

This kind of iron provides its users with plenty of control and flexibility due to the lack of a spring. To use the Marcel, you have to first begin at the hair roots then work on it down to the ends. The Marcel iron is a constant presence in a stylist’s gear since it is capable of producing a great range of curls and waves.

  • Bubble

Another tool included in the different types of curling irons is the bubble iron. This is something that beginners can use to achieve beach waves. The bubble iron features a textured rod which provides users a template when it comes to placement.

Due to the spherical pattern, it directs the hair between furrows to offer uniform, excellent waves. However, to curl your hair with this unit, you should have longer hair so it can take in the spacing of the device. Bubble irons can come with or without a clip.

  • Double barrel

The double-barrel iron is able to give springy, soft curls that are the rage today. Users have to wrap sections of hair in a figure-8 like style all over the hot barrels. However, users should have shoulder-length hair in order to make the whole procedure more efficient.

  • Spiral

The spiral kind is used to create curls that are reminiscent of the ones that were popular during the 40s and the 50s. It has a shape that resembles a cylinder, thus it is capable of producing exquisite S-pattern waves. This cylinder shape in turn produces a bigger or smaller curl on a single spot.

To choose the right iron for you, size is always key. Are you after larger waves? Then you have to make use of a model that has a barrel of at least 2 inches. For soft waves, you have to opt for a moderately smaller model with a barrel that has a diameter of 1 1/2 inch. This barrel size is crucial because the curls’ size will be based on this.

Do not forget to check out the kind of hair you have. Heat is an important factor when it comes to the varying kinds of hair. Hair that is thick and frizzy requires a model that is capable of producing high levels of heat.

For those with baby-fine, thin hair, a model that can only range up to 150 degrees F will work. There are also models that provide several features to make curling the hair a breeze.

This closes up the article. There are crucial factors you have to take into account when on the hunt for a proper curling iron. Curling irons can be bought in department stores and e-commerce shops online.