Best Curling Iron For Long Hair in 2022 – Top 5 – [NEW]


Curling long hair takes a bit more work than curling short hair, mainly because, well there's more hair to curl. Using the right curling iron to style long hair can make a big difference when it comes to your finished results.

So what's the best curling iron for long hair? It all depends on what you want to do when styling your hair.

Some curling irons are made for beachy waves. Others will give you tight, springy curls. No matter what style you're going for, here's are our top picks for the best curling iron for long hair.

List of Best Curling Irons for Long Hair

Product Summary for Long Hair Curling Irons

Size and shape matter when choosing the best curling iron for long hair. We also paid attention to the materials used on the barrels themselves and to the heat settings available on each curling iron.

  • Materials. Some of our favorite curling irons, such as the Mr. Big, were coated in ceramic, which allows them to heat evenly.
  • Size. If you want a lot of flexibility, we recommend choosing a set, such as the xtava 5 in 1 curling iron, which has five wands or a curling iron with a multi-use barrel, such as the Marcel 1-inch curling iron. Irons with 1.5-inch barrels will pretty much only give you waves while smaller barrels will only produce tighter curls.
  • Heat settings. To avoid burning your hair or not heating it enough, we recommend choosing a curling iron with multiple settings when curling hair. Each of the curling irons we recommend has a range of settings and recommended temperatures for different textures or thicknesses of hair.

Reviews of the Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

Mr. Big Curling Iron, Extra Long Ceramic – Best Overall Curling Iron for Long Hair

Mr.-Big-Curling-Iron,-Extra-Long-Ceramic --Best-Overall-Curling-Iron-for-Long-Hair

If your hair is long enough, you might run out of wand before you get to curl the entire length of hair. The Mr. Big Curling Iron helps to solve that problem, in part because its wand is longer than average.

The wand on the best curling iron for long hair is about 9.5 inches — twice as long as the average curling iron wand.

Along with having a longer length, the Mr. Big Curling Iron’s wand is coated in ceramic, which helps it to heat evenly and helps to reduce frizz in your finished style. The curling iron is a clip style, which means your hair is held in place securely as you style it.

People who have tried out the Mr. Big Curling Iron have been mostly pleased with its performance. One thing people have noted is how much time the curling iron saves them.

Since it’s so long, it takes a lot less time to curl longer hair.

If there’s one complaint people have about the curling iron, it’s that the device doesn’t have much of a grip. Some people have found that their hair slides out of the curling iron so that they can’t style it.

Things We Liked

  • The barrel is twice as long as standard curling irons.
  • Ceramic coating.
  • Has a clip which makes it easy to use.
  • Multiple heat settings.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The wand is a bit slippery.
  • Some people have noted heating issues with their curling irons.

xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Wand and Curling Iron Set – Best Multi-Use Curling Iron For Long Hair

xtava-5-in-1-Professional-Curling-Wand-and-Curling-Iron-Set --Best-Multi-Use-Curling-Iron-For-Long-Hair

As we’ve noted, you want to use different curling iron types to create different types of curls. That can mean that you need to purchase a range of curling irons . . .

…Or, you could invest in the xtava 5 in 1 curling iron set. The curling iron set comes with five removable curling iron barrels.

The barrels range in diameter from 0.3 inches to 1.25 inch. Two are tapered and clipless while the remaining through are straight up and down and include a clip.

You can swap out the barrels based on whether you want beachy, loose waves or springy ringlets. You can also change up the barrels based on your current hair length, meaning you don’t have to rush out and buy a new curling iron with every haircut.

The xtava 5 in 1 curling iron set also features an auto shut-off and is dual voltage, so you can pack it on trips and use it around the world.

Users of the xtava curling iron set have been happy with its flexibility and with the fact that they are getting multiple curling irons in one package. Complaints about the curling iron have noted that it heats unevenly and that the curls they create with it don’t last.

Things We Liked

  • Multiple barrels make it a super flexible styling tool.
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Includes a safety glove to protect your hands.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Barrels don’t have a cool tip, so there is a risk of burning yourself.
  • Some users find that the clips don’t grip the hair all that well.
  • Some have said that it’s difficult to swap out the barrels.

Anjou Curling Iron 1.5 inch with Tourmaline Ceramic Coating – Best Curling Iron for Beachy Waves

Anjou-Curling-Iron-1.5-inch-with-Tourmaline-Ceramic-Coating --Best-Curling-Iron-for-Beachy-Waves

If you want beachy, loose waves in your long hair, the Anjou curling iron is the way to go. It has a 1.5-inch barrel that’s just the right size for creating flowy, loose waves.

The curling iron has a ceramic coating that helps to distribute the heat evenly and can also help to reduce frizz in styled hair.

One thing we love about the Anjou curling iron is that it heats quickly — plug it in, turn it on and just 60 seconds later, your curling iron should be ready to go. The power cord on the iron also turns a full 360 degrees, so that you don’t end up with a tangle as you style your hair.

Another great feature of the curling iron is the insulated tip at the end of the wand, which reduces the risk of burns as you curl your hair. There’s also a 30-minute auto shut-off feature and a stainless-steel rest so that you can put the wand down without damaging your sink or other surfaces.

People who’ve tried out the Anjou curling iron are happy with how quickly it heats up and with the fact that they can use it in the US and abroad, thanks to the dual voltage. Some have noted that the thermal tip could be bigger to be more effective.

Things We Liked

  • Wide diameter is great for creating loose waves in long hair.
  • Has multiple heat settings.
  • Thermal tip helps increase safety.
  • Heats up fast.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Curling iron does have a limited use — you can pretty much only make waves with it.
  • The positioning of the temperature controls makes it easy to turn the curling iron off while you use it accidentally.
  • Some complain that the insulated thermal tip gets too hot.

Hot Tools HT1108 Professional Marcel Iron – Best Cheap Curling Iron for Long Hair

Hot-Tools-HT1108-Professional-Marcel-Iron --Best-Cheap-Curling-Iron-for-Long-Hair

If you’re looking for the best curling iron for long hair that will produce both tight curls and loose waves, we recommend the Hot Tools Professional Marcel Iron.

Its 1-inch diameter barrel means it’s more versatile that tools with thicker or thinner barrels.

The thing about the Hot Tools Professional Marcel Iron that might turn people off is that it’s a Marcel style curling iron. While other types of clamp/clip curling iron have a spring-loaded clasp, the Marcel style has a manually controlled clamp.

There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using a Marcel curling iron, which might put some people off from giving it a try. People who have tried the curling iron have recommended only buying it if you know how to use it.

Things We Liked

  • Versatile size.
  • Has a range of heat settings.
  • Cord swivels for ease of styling.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can be tricky for beginners to use.
  • Does heat up very hot, there’s a risk of burning your hair or hands.
  • No auto shut-off.

Conair Instant Heat Spiral Curling Iron; 3/4-Inch – Best Long Hair Curling Iron for Beginners


The key feature on the Conair Instant Heat Spiral Curling Iron that makes us consider it a best curling iron for long hair is the spiral guide.

It can be tricky to get the hair to stay wrapped around a curling iron wand. The spiral guide on the Conair tool is ideal for beginners or for anyone who’s ever struggled or wrestled with a curling iron before.

The curling iron does have a relatively small barrel, so this isn’t the tool to use if you want loose waves. But if you’re going for tighter, springier curls, it’s a good pick.

People who’ve used the Conair curling iron are mostly happy with how easy it is to use. If there’s one complaint, it’s that the iron doesn’t heat up enough.

Things We Liked

  • The spiral guide helps with curling hair.
  • Has a “heat boost” for faster styling.
  • Has an auto shut-off feature.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Barrel size does limit its functionality.
  • Maximum heat is lower than other models (even with the “heat boost”).

What to Look for in a Curling Iron

If you’re new to curling your hair or new to buying curling irons, the selection can be surprising. While there might seem to be too many options available, the reality is that each type of curling iron does something slightly different.

Let’s break it down and explain what to look for (or what you’re looking at) when choosing a curling iron.

  • Clip vs. clipless. Some curling irons have a clip or clamp against the wand, which holds your hair in place while you curl it. Others don’t, which gives you a bit more freedom when making curls but can also take longer to figure out how to use.
  • Wand shape. The wand of a standard curling iron is usually smooth and straight. Some wands are tapered, though, while others have guide rails to help you wrap the hair. Still others are bubble shaped, which also makes it easier for beginners to make relaxed waves.
  • Wand size. The tighter the curls, the smaller the wand diameter. If you want loose, bouncy waves, go with a wand that’s at least 1 inch in diameter. For tight ringlets, stick with a 3/4 or 1/2 inch wand.
  • Materials. How evenly the curling iron heats up can mean the difference between frizzy, fried hair and soft, flowy curls. Often, it’s best to look for a curling iron that has a tourmaline or ceramic coating.

Tips for Curling Long Hair

Want to perfect your hair curling ability? Here are a few tricks to help you get the results you want each time you use a curling iron.

  • Pick the right size. You can’t expect to get bouncy, big curls with a tiny curling iron. Just remember, the smaller the wand, the tighter the curl.
  • Put your hair in a ponytail first. One way to get waves with ease is to put your hair into a ponytail. Curl the hair in the pony, leaving the rest alone.
  • Leave the ends out. Start wrapping your hair about halfway up, leaving the ends untouched. That way, you’ll avoid burning or over styling the bottom of your hair.
  • Choose the right temperature. If you have thin or fine hair, keep the curling iron under 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You can go up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit if you have thicker hair.
  • Protect your hair first. Spray hair with a heat protectant before you curl it to avoid damage.
  • Catch the curl in your hand when removing it from the curling iron. Doing so will help the curl set.

Mistakes to Avoid When Curling Long Hair

Now that we’ve covered tips to help you get the best results when curling long hair let’s look at a few mistakes you want to avoid making when you curl your hair.

  • Frying your hair. One common mistake people make when using a curling iron is holding the iron in their hair for too long. Longer isn’t better — keep your hair wrapped around the wand for 10 seconds maximum, according to Glamour.
  • Curling wet hair. Always fully dry your hair — either with a blow dryer or by air drying it, before you start curling it. You don’t want to boil your hair.
  • Curling in the wrong direction. If you want natural looking curls or waves, turn the curling iron away from your face. You can turn it towards your face if you’re trying to get more stylized, “Old Hollywood” type curls.
  • Skipping the product. At the very least, you need to use a heat protectant before curling your hair, every time. If you use another type of product as well, such as hair spray, apply that before you curl, not afterward.

Final Thoughts on the Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

Our top pick for the best curling iron for long hair is the Mr. Big Curling Iron, Extra Long Ceramic. Although other curling irons on our list are ideal for long hair, the Mr. Big is the only one made with long hair specifically in mind.

The extra-long barrel makes short work of styling your hair in the morning while the multiple heat settings make it a good pick for people with fine or thick hair.

When purchasing the best curling iron for long hair, remember to look at what the iron is made out of, and its overall size and functionality before you make your decision.