Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control Review

Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control Review

If you’ve been on the market for the best curling iron, you may know how overwhelming all the technologies these products offer are. Brands keep coming up with new ways to effectively curl and hold a curl with a wide array of features, and shoppers can end up with option paralysis from all of the comparing they have to do.

Many take the fastest route by opting for Hot Tools products. This brand is one of the most popular heat styling tools manufacturers and is best known for their products with fantastic quality, great results, and friendly prices. They have lots of excellent products that are worth your while, but for this review, let’s take a look at the Hot Tools Professional 1110.

This professional-grade curling iron doesn’t just look amazing but also works wonders for your hair as well. It’s also loaded with features that are hard to find in similar products at this price point, making it a solid option if you want to bring home the best curling iron on the market today.


What makes the Hot Tools Professional 1110 so special? This quick feature list will do the explaining:

24K gold-plated straight barrel

Gold may seem like a perfect choice for accessories due to its value and quality, but for a heat styling tool, some might feel like it’s too excessive. It’s not, though, as this material heats up fast and evenly with great ease, making it a better option over chrome and other metals.

It also doesn’t hurt that it looks great, so if you’re trying to create a luxurious looking vanity that can rival a celebrity’s, a beautiful gold plated curling iron can be a great addition to it.

With the Hot Tools Professional 1110’s 24K gold plated barrel, you can check all the boxes for appearance and effective heating on the list of what to look for in the best curling iron.

Most people really love how it looks as it makes them feel beautiful even as they’re still doing their hair. As this product is also available in seven sizes, the diameter of your choice will determine the look you’ll get. No matter the size, you can still count on having luscious locks.

Clamped design

Need an extra hand in keeping your hair in place while curling? Wands might make your life more complicated, so the Hot Tools Professional 1110 employs a clamped design that will let you work on your hair style with more ease.

Rheostat temperature control and separate on/off switch

Equipped with a rheostat for temperature control, precise settings can be enjoyed every time you use the unit. You can select from 280° to 428°F quickly, letting you select the required temperature for your hair type.

While there are tons of curling irons with rheostat controls, the Hot Tools Professional 1110 stands out because of its separate on/off switch. This means that you won’t have to reset your temperature setting every time you turn the tool on; this design makes it easier and more convenient to work with.

Patented pulse technology

Heat loss is a common problem for curling irons as it tends to transfer the heat from the device to the hair it’s working on. This means that you sometimes won’t get the same amount of heat on all of your hair portions, leaving you with uneven results.

This problem is resolved by Hot Tools’ Patented Pulse Technology as it detects heat loss and speeds up its production of more heat so it can stay hot as you work on the other portions of your hair.

Built-in stand

Avoid ruining your counters and surfaces by placing a hot curling iron directly on top as this item has a built-in stand. Its design will safely keep the unit upright while you grab additional portions to work on, keeping your tables, counters, and desks safe from heat damage.


  • Seriously fancy looking
  • 7 sizes available
  • Highly maneuverable with its 8’ swivel cord
  • Suitable for most hair types
  • Superb price
  • Lightweight
  • Fast heat up time
  • Professional quality
  • Easy to grip
  • Built-in stand makes it safe to place in counters


  • Heat spikes can happen in some cases
  • Should be used with great care by those with thin and fine hair types


While the Hot Tools Professional 1110 looks and feels like a luxury item, it’s price says otherwise. It may have premium materials, but it’s very affordable, making it an excellent addition to any vanity and beauty collection.

Add to this the fact that Hot Tools is one of the best-known styling tool manufacturers today and you definitely have a solid option that offers great value for your money on hand.