BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron Review

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron Review

Do you want tons of volume on your thin hair? Then you have to seek the help of a quality curling iron. The curling iron allows you to have hair with soft, springy curls and bouncy waves. Those sexy hairstyles that you see on models and movie stars can be replicated with the right curling iron.

One brand that is popular with individuals right now is Babyliss and for this review, we are going to discuss their Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron.


  • Comes with Sol-Gel Nano titanium and ceramic barrel
  • Has 50 heat settings with maximum setting at 450 degrees F
  • Includes turbo-heat button that can increase heat instantly
  • Comes with 8’ swivel cord that is tangle-free
  • Generates maximum infrared heat to get inside the hair shaft for less hair damage while styling
  • Retains stability even in extreme temperatures


Your hair needs to be treated with kindness, thus, even when you are using styling products that incorporate heat, you have to make sure that the device is also gentle on your hair.

A curling iron that can curl or straighten is also something that makes for a convenient buy. The Pro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron from Babyliss might be something you need due to the benefits it provides users.

Nano titanium is a kind of technology that the brand uses to release negative ions from devices like this curling iron. These negative ions offer users with the advantage of faster hair straightening without the hassles. Because of this, all that natural moisture found in hair will be locked in and not stripped away.

This organic moisture is responsible for maintaining the softness, shine, and overall health of your hair. With this nifty technology on hand, you can be assured that you will have sleek hairstyles all the time without doing damage to your hair. The Pro Nano Titanium also comes with a Ryton housing which is capable of resisting heat so you won’t get burned while using the item.

Another good thing about Nano Titanium technology is that it is superior in terms of heat conduction. This means that this unit is capable of remaining hot for the duration of your styling procedure.

The unit also comes with an ergonomic design so it is a breeze to hold and control as you go on with your choice curling methods. The Sol-Gel technology, quicker heat-up, and recovery that the unit comes with won’t leave you with worries about allowing the barrel to get cold over the course of your styling.

It can tackle even the thickest of hair and it has the right temperature settings that can accommodate a good variety of hair types. The titanium has excellent heat retention so you can tackle a nice range of curls and waves without doing a number on the health of your hair.

The Sol-Gel technology of the unit guarantees that the barrel of the iron remains smooth. It has 50 heat settings too, so it will work on baby fine hair and thicker, coarser hair. The maximum heat it can provide clocks in at 450 degrees F.

This is a distinctive feature that assists the curling iron to improve the heat in an instant, thus saving you loads of crucial time. All users need to do is press on the turbo-heat button and it will heat up in no time.

For easier handling of the unit, the Pro Nano Titanium curling iron has a longer cord so you will not be confined to the socket that is closest to you. It has an 8’ long cord that allows users to be able to move freely from one spot to another while using the curling iron. However, due to its length, you might have wondered about tangling. Never worry, this one is designed to be tangle-free.


One issue with the product is that it does not have an automatic on and off button. It does not have a universal dual voltage feature either, so you have to carry an adapter for it if you want to take it with you while traveling. This model does not have a cool tip, so you need to apply extra precautions while using the product.


Your hair needs all the tending it can get, especially if you style it frequently. To maintain its health and acquire those curled hairstyles you are after, make sure to check out the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron. It is one of the most recommended out there and its advantages attest to its excellent design and functions.