Which Curling Iron to Buy

Which Curling Iron to Buy

There’s no denying that curling irons are fantastic styling tools to have on hand. They can quickly transform your look from everyday put together to special event-ready without having to spend a good amount of money on a trip to the salon.

However, with all of the options available, the task of deciding what curling iron to buy can be a bit daunting. So, how do you do it?

Key factors to decide when shopping for a curling iron

There’s no quick tip when it comes to shopping for the best curling iron as there are so many great options available. There are also lots of important things to consider and remember when accomplishing this task, so you have to be careful and very discerning when it comes to the item you choose.

To help you narrow down your options, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind on your search.

Deciding on the curls you want

The very first thing that you should know when shopping for curling irons is that they come in different shapes and sizes. This allows them to create different kinds of curls, so you have to know which makes which and what kind of curls you prefer on a regular basis.

While a single curling iron can still give you a few different kinds of curls with the right tricks and techniques, owning one curling iron will still mean that you’ll have a go-to look. With this, you have to be sure that you’ll actually like the look you’ll get from your curling iron, otherwise, it’s going to be a waste.

A quick tip for sizing: The bigger the barrel, the bigger your curls will be. So if you want loose waves, go for the biggest barrels there is. However, if you have short hair, sticking with a small diameter barrel is more ideal as your limited hair length will be harder to wrap on larger barrels.

Deciding on shape shouldn’t be a big challenge, though, as there’s no guesswork involved in this area. The curling iron shapes are pretty straightforward, but if you’ve never worked with anything other than a straight-barrel iron, a bit of confusion is common.

Conical wands are those with tapered shapes, so they can create more defined curls as you get to the ends of your tresses. Reverse conical wands, on the other hand, are perfect for creating gorgeous waves, making them perfect for bohemian and beach-babe looks.

You’ll also find double and triple barrel curling irons and they offer uniform waves that you won’t have to comb through anymore to get that old Hollywood vibe.

It’s completely up to you which size and shape to go for, but it’s best if you know what size of curls look best on you so you know which curling iron can deliver what you want.

Consider your hair type

Your hair type matters in every heat styling tool decision you make. It can dictate whether a specific make will work best for your hair, as it will be a pain to buy a device that will end up useless because your hair type and its material don’t match.

For fine, thin hair, ceramic curling irons work best because of their capability to heat up quickly and evenly. Normal hair can work with just about any kind of material, although, ceramic and tourmaline will still prove to be the most beneficial.

For those with thick hair, titanium will work best as it can effectively deliver heat to your coarse locks. However, if you’re worried about damage, a good ceramic with tourmaline infusion can also work wonders for you.

Maneuverability is key

How you wield your curling iron also plays a huge part in how your curls will turn out. To make sure that you can easily handle it, its design matters. As curling irons are available as wands, Marcel, double and triple barreled, as well as spring-loaded clamped varieties, picking the right configuration matters.

Wands have always been the most popular varieties as you don’t have to deal with other parts, but clamped units are also great as they can hold your hair in place. Sadly, they can also cause creases, so some people aren’t particularly fond of them. Double and triple barreled curling irons are a bit trickier to wield, but with ample practice, you’ll surely get the hang of their use anyway.

Choose one that you think won’t be too cumbersome for you. For beginners, wands and clamped varieties are good. But if you want to take your curling game to the next level, you can also do so with the Marcel and multiple barrel types.

Always look for quality

Lastly, quality should also matter. To avoid any kind of damage to your hair and skin, you should always opt for products made by reputable brands so you can minimize the chances of accidents that can injure you, particularly burns.


Hopefully, this quick guide gives you a good picture of what curling iron to buy. If you want to know more, do some additional research as you’ll find more information about these devices online.