Curling Iron vs Curling Wand: Which Curling Tool You Need

Wand or Iron Find Out Which Curling Tool You Need

If you are a beginner when it comes to styling hair, you may have thought that the curling iron and the curling wand are the same. However, there are differences between the two.

Plenty of ladies often wonder which kind they should get for their hair. To settle this talk about the curling wand vs curling iron, this article will discuss each item’s functions and advantages.

The Curling Iron

The curling iron is a device that one can use to achieve curls within minutes. The circumference of the item is consistent from the top down to the barrel’s bottom. The curling iron also features a clasp, which can be seen on spring and Marcel style irons.

It is capable of holding the hair in position and allows easier twirling of the hair for its users. To style your hair using this tool, the tool must be set downwards while the hair is positioned between the barrel and the clasp.

Based on the barrel size, the device should provide users with loose curls or tight barrel curls that have great definition and a bouncy feel. For tighter spiral curls, you can make use of a skinny barrel iron while for looser ones, you can opt to use bigger barrel irons.

You can make alluring ringlets by doing the following; spray on some heat-resisting hair product all over the hair; in tiny or large sections, position the hair between the barrels then curl the hair forwards to the direction of your face; go over this step with the rest of your hair; spritz with hairspray to keep the curls in place.

The Curling Wand

Next in the curling iron vs. curling wand discussion are the functions of the wand. Unlike the iron kind, the curling wand, also known as the hair wand or clipless iron, typically expands in size as the user goes down the barrel’s diameter. It is available in cylinder, reverse cone, or conical shapes.

The conical kind is a bit similar to the curling iron in terms of the size down its diameter. This clipless type is built with barrels composed of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline and it helps in holding the hair in position over the course of styling. You can also heat it up for up to 450 degrees.

In case you want to get natural, wavy curls, you should get a curling wand. To create the popular beachy waves look, the wand should be positioned horizontally, or in an upward position in order to allow users to make use of their other hand to wrap hair by hand all over the barrel.

You should also make use of the heat glove included with the want to safeguard your mitts from high temperatures. If you want sexy, spiral curls, you can choose a model with a cylinder barrel. For curls that vary in shape, broad to tight, you have to make use of a conical barrel. If you want the reverse, you can opt for a reverse cone shape wand.

Lots of people opt for curling wands due to the presence of ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline plates. The ceramic kind is able to distribute heat evenly all over the hair. Like the tourmaline kind, it can generate shine and speed up styling time.

The tourmaline kind generates negative ion technology provides moisture and is capable of smoothing out the hair cuticle in order to cut down frizzing of the strands. The titanium kind meanwhile helps in getting rid of the tackiness that is brought about by styling products on the hair

There are also wands and irons that are composed of titanium and gold materials which provide the tools with a sleek, excellent appearance, and produce superior heat.

However, it does not add to the general health of the hair and it will not prevent frizzing as well. Curling wands also feature adjustable temperatures, which is another factor that makes it a nice selling hairstyling unit.

What Should You Choose?

If you want a styling procedure that goes on smooth and ends fast, you can opt for a curling wand. But if you want a session that is not nit-picky and will not put so much pressure on your hands or arms, you can make do with a curling iron.

The curling wand is the device to go for individuals who need a straightforward hairstyling tool which still possesses curling variety. For a wider range of options, a curling iron will do you well since it comes in different brands and sizes that provide exchangeable irons. You can supplement the iron with different shapes and thicknesses to a single base.

This ends our talk about the curling iron vs curling wand debate. In the end, you have to base your decision on the kind of styles you are after and other preferences.