Different Curling Iron Sizes

Different Curling Iron Sizes

It is a known fact that a lot of ladies enjoy curling their hair. One way to achieve this is through the use of a quality curling iron. It is important for women to invest in an excellent piece, one that will help them achieve the styles they are after and prevent damage on their hair too. What curling iron sizes do you need to achieve the perfect beach waves or spirals? Read further and find out.

2 inch

This is the kind of curling iron size that is not exactly designed to produce curls but instead, provide a good curved bend at the hair ends. This is recommended for individuals who have longer hair and want more volume. It is also good for individuals who have naturally straight hair and want to keep it straight and sleek at all times.

1 1/2 inch

This curling iron size is ideal for bigger, ample curls. Experts suggest that users should set their hair prior to using this unit since bigger curls have a tendency to fall flat faster if the hair is not set. This is recommended for ladies who after those popular beachy wave styles and ladies who want to wear a heavier side part coupled with softer, larger curls.

1 1/4 inch

This is the best selling curling iron size because it is versatile. You can do beach waves and messy, bedhead waves using this barrel size. This size is ideal for ladies with long and medium-short hair.

1 inch

The 1-inch curling iron size is great for individuals who have medium or short hair lengths. It is also ideal for styles that call for soft, bouncy curls. For perfect results, you should set your hair first, blow-dry it then have those hair sections wrap curled.

3/4 inch

What size curling iron is recommended for short hair? The 3/4 inch is another versatile curling iron, it is excellent for achieving those lovely curls from the 40s and the 50s. It is also a size that works perfectly with short hair lengths. The 3/4 inch can also make significantly improve updos and produce excellent texture for hairstyles like the chignon.

5/8 inch

This size is suggested for women with naturally curly locks. Women who often struggle with unruly curls will benefit from a curling iron with this size. You can wrap stray segments of curly hair on it to minimize frizz.

You can also bring in two types of textures, like straight hair on top with curls underneath. This leads to organic-looking curls. Ladies with straight hair can also benefit from this size if they have the time for such a procedure.

3/8 inch

Girls with kinky hair still need a curling iron to tame stray segments of hair. We do not have perfect hair every day, so it is nice to have a device around that will help straighten those kinks out. If you have naturally tight ringlets and you want to loosen several segments, this is the size you need.

When it comes to selecting the right curling iron for you, it is important to check out closely the kind of hair you have. You also have to take into account the length of your hair. Many think that curling irons only benefit individuals with long hair, however there are also sizes meant for short hair.

What size curling iron do women with shorter hair need though? For ladies with short locks, they will benefit from a small kind of the hairstyling tool. The sizes of the curling iron barrels were discussed earlier and this shows that you have to choose a unit that will readily accommodate the kind of hair you have.

It is essential that you do the right thing when purchasing a proper iron for curling your locks. Remember, any length of hair can be styled and curled, regardless whether you have short hair, medium hair, long hair, or even curly hair.

There are plenty of curling irons sizes available in the market right now and if you know what you need, your preferences, hair length and type, you won’t have a problem buying a product that is right for you. Curling irons can be bought in the health and beauty section of department stores, specialty stores, warehouses, and you can buy the latest online.