Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler Review

Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler Review

Curling irons are a necessity for the stylish individual. You can change your hairstyle every week, even every day if you prefer. There are lots of curling irons in the market right now and each product differs when it comes to features.

To make your choices easier, we here provide reviews for a good line-up of curling iron products. If you are curious about the functions of Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler, this article will provide details about what it does.


  • Can produce curls without tangles in any direction
  • Comes with diamond and ceramic ionic technology for healthier hair without the damage and frizz
  • Has pro-grade 420 degrees F maximum temperature for locking curls in place
  • Can shut off automatically after 90 minutes
  • Has high and low-temperature settings
  • Recommended for all hair kinds and lengths


Lots of individuals have switched to ceramic curling irons like the Instawave since the material is kinder on hair and is capable of conducting heat uniformly all over the barrel while simultaneously emitting negative ions to prevent frizz.

When the heating aspect carries the device to the temperature preferred, its ceramic parts keeps away hot spots from harming hair sections by allocating heat in a uniform manner. Ceramic curlers like the Instawave often have smoother surfaces and are less likely to break, rip, or pull out hair strands.

The unit is also easier to use and is lightweight. Users can handle the device without getting tired easily. It offers an excellent, secure grip on hair sections without sticking, making them an ideal hair styling unit for producing smooth, sleek curls.

Another advantage of ceramic curling irons is that its negative ions counter against dirt. This means you do not have to wash your hair as frequently as before, thereby saving those curls.

Plenty of stylists often suggest ceramic hairstyling tools for their customers since they are designed for easier use and are kind to hair. Usually, they have prices that consumers can afford.

The heat these devices give off differs depending on the texture, thickness and natural curliness or waviness of the hair. For people with thin hair, less heat is recommended while those with thicker hair need to make use of higher temperature.

The Kiss Instawave is a new product. This is a kind of hairstyling tool that was designed and made by a concerned dad of two girls. He worried that his daughters might burn themselves using standard curling irons so he decided to design one that would do all the procedure with less involvement of the users’ hands and prevent the risk of burns.

While the device has a unique form, it certainly works nicely. It has a short, straight, ionic ceramic barrel wand, which is the only component that heats up. It also comes with a number of prongs that are situated all over the base.

The wand turns to the left or right based on the way users lead it, by means of the big switch that is positioned on the handle. The prongs enclose the hair section and fix it gently in position as it winds on the swiveling barrel. The workings of the Instawave might seem odd, but it does its job very well.

Another great thing about the product? Its affordable price. If you want a gentle yet effective curler for your locks that will minimize the threat of burns, this one might be the curler you need.

To use the curler, you have to first position sections of hair on the device. Press the button to catch and curl hair as you wish. Pull it down to release and check out the curls you have made.


At the moment, the item does not display any drawbacks that might hinder your pursuit for soft, alluring curls and waves.


The Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler is something you need to check out if you want a product that will prevent the onset of burns that you’ll get from traditional curling irons. You will not do all the work, and since it has ceramic parts, the high risk of hair damage is also reduced.

Furthermore, the product comes with an affordable price. It is a budget-friendly and hair-friendly unit that will make the pursuit for sleek, bouncy curls a possible experience for its users.