How to Curl Your Short Hair

Selecting a Proper Curling Iron for Short Hair

These days, achieving perfect, sleek and soft bouncy curls and ringlets can be realized thanks to technology. Due to these advancements, we can now whip up curly hairstyles in the comfort of our own homes by using curling irons.

While some will think that curling irons are only made for women with longer hair, many are not aware that this tool will also work on short hair. The trick is to find an excellent curling iron for short hair. This article will provide some suggestions on how to curl your short hair and how to find the right curling iron to get the job done.

Having short hair means you have little to deal with, thus you should acquire proper tools in order to pull off effective curls for short hair. Just because you do not have long hair does not mean that you have to bid goodbye to beach waves and cute ringlets. There are a few essentials you need to take into account prior to a curling iron purchase.

Size of barrel

An ideal curling iron size for shorter hair is a model that has a thinner size because the bigger ones might be too broad for users to wrap short hair sections over. A good model has a diameter of 3/4 inches to a half-inch. For medium short hair, a barrel with a diameter of 1 inch is ideal.

Shape of barrel

The type of curls you want to achieve will be based on the shape of the barrel. If you want curls that are wider, close to the scalp and a bit tighter toward the ends, you should opt for a model with a conical barrel shape.

A good curling iron for short hair that is capable of producing spiral curl styles can be achieved with the use of a cylindrical barrel. Reverse cone shapes meanwhile are good for curls that are taut close to the scalp but a bit bigger towards its ends.

Curling irons with double barrels can help produce bigger waves while models with brush attachments can provide loose, soft and bouncy waves.


If you want a unit that provides excellent heat conduction, you can opt for ceramic and titanium models. Both materials release quantities of negative ions when heated and this leads to hair that is free from issues like frizz and static.

Adjustable temperature

Most curling irons can release heat in temps as high as 250 degrees F and this can cause damage if the hair is exposed to it for an extended period of time. A great curling iron must have around 3 varying heat levels that the user can pick from.

3 Curling Iron Recommendations for Short Hair

Here are a few products that plenty of customers often recommend.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

Babyliss is a constant favorite when it comes to hairstyling tools and this curling iron from the brand features Sol-Gel technology and a nano-titanium barrel. It is made to provide excellent surround heat and its barrel is sleek so that users won’t have to deal with torn hair.

This is good for shorter hair because it is capable of producing turbo-heat boosting temperature which means it can heat up to as high as 450 degrees. Because it has nano-titanium technology, it can retain stability and a higher temperature each time you are using the item.

The product also includes a 3/4 inch barrel, which is enough to wrap a whole hair length over the barrel.

Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron

This Conair model features a nice selection of temperature controls which makes it flexible for all kinds of hair, whether you have thicker hair or baby-fine hair, you will be accommodated by this product if you pick the right heat setting.

The product also features an ergonomic design for easier, more comfortable handling. It comes with an on and off touchpad, automatic shutoff and a 3/4 inch barrel size which is ideal for short hair.

Bed Head Deep Waver

Another recommended curling iron for short hair is the Deep Waver. The Bed Head Deep Waver by Tigi is not the standard barrel kind of curling iron and instead, it provides users with a unique experience in getting their hair curled.

It has tourmaline technology as well plus instant heat recovery so users will be provided with heat that goes through from within to prevent frizz. This is ideal for individuals who often have issues wrapping a complete length of hair around the curling iron barrel. It is also built as a clamp so you won’t have to deal with hair that slides off.


Understanding how to curl short hair is first achieved when you have the best curling iron for short hair.